Laser cutting and engraving

1ooW CO2 laser cutting machine

Working area 1300x900mm
Max part height 200 mm
For cutting and engraving of medium thickness non-metals.

9mm birch plywood
12 mm acrylic

5ooW CO2 laser cutting machine

Work area 1200x900 500w power with dual cutting heads.
maximum part height 400mm
Designed for cutting thicker non-metals and thin metals.

1.5mm stainless steel
3mm steel
16mm birch plywood
24mm acrylic
30mm solid wood like oak and ash
50mm for coniferous wood

Fiber Laser Machine

Designed for engraving on various surfaces and materials.
Maximum engraving size 150x150 mm

3D printer

Printing capacity 227 * 148 * 150 mm
Available materials ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS
The printer also comes with a soluble backing material that will allow you to make parts with particularly complex geometries